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Enrichment Programs
Play Pals is an intensive individualized program for children who need help with the subtleties of play and social skills.  Since Play Pals is highly individualized it goes beyond the scope of many social skills groups.  The approach utilizes a Play Trio:  a “rookie” player and two “pro players.”  “Rookie” players are those children who need help developing play and/or social skills and “Pro” players are typically developing peers chosen to be playmates, helpers, and role models.  The trio will have opportunities for gross motor play in a large gym environment and also participate in table top games and arts & crafts.   

Opportunities for the “Rookie” player are:

  • To learn play and socialization skills with the guidance of an experienced therapist/facilitator
  • To gain experience from peer models
  • To put social play lessons of negotiation, cooperation and compromise into action spontaneously
  • To have fun!

Opportunities for the “Pro” player are:
  • To reinforce and advance skills such as negotiation, 
          cooperation and compromise.
  • To develop leadership and compassion.
  • To have fun.

The group is held once a week for a total of six sessions.  
Scheduling is flexible based upon the needs of the child
and family.

Play Pals
Social Skills Trio