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  • When you first call Therapy in Action: You will most likely reach one of our office staff.  They will take down your contact information, answer basic questions and give you a brief overview of our services.  Since the office staff is involved in billing and interfacing with the insurance companies, this is also a good time for you to ask insurance and billing related questions.  

  • Intake Phone Interview: You will be asked to provide some times and dates (within the next few days) that would be convenient for you to speak with one of our therapists for your intake phone interview.  This call is free of charge and usually takes about forty-five minutes.   The purpose of this call is two fold.  Most importantly it allows us to assess whether the types of services we have to offer are indeed appropriate for your child’s needs. Secondly, it allows a therapist to answer your questions in depth regarding the details of assessment and treatment.  The intake does take time, however at Therapy In Action we believe that a child’s diagnosis or reason for referral is merely the starting point.  Our assessment and plan of care is unique to each child and is based upon each child’s strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes, individual needs, and the needs of their family.  We value the critical role that families play in their child’s lives.  We strive to make parents and caregivers an integral and active participant in the child’s assessment and intervention, from establishing goals to treatment planning to home programming and eventually to discharge planning. 

  • If Therapy or an assessment is recommended: Your information will be passed along to a therapist and you will receive a scheduling phone call.  An information packet will be sent to you.  Please fill out all the appropriate forms and make sure and bring them with you to your evaluation.

  • Do you have any pertinent reports: It's also a good idea to send any pertinent reports or assessments from other therapists or specialists who are seeing your child.

  • Evaluation: You are welcome to stay with your child during the evaluation, or you may wait in the waiting room.  Usually the parent and therapist decide which approach is best suited to the needs and temperament of your child.  

  • Parent Conference: After the assessment the therapist will call to schedule your parent conference.  At the conference the therapist will review the results and recommendations and answer any of your questions.  You will be given the written report.  If services are recommended, your therapist/office staff will discuss scheduling options with you.