OT/Therapeutic Feeding

Therapy In Action’s feeding program is a holistic program.  We recognize that feeding is a highly complex skill, involving all of the sensory systems, motor systems, gastro-intestinal functions, and mid-brain survival mechanisms.  Feeding is intimately intertwined with attachment, social relationships, and emotions.  Each of these parts functions symbiotically with the others.  If one skill is missing, the others can be affected.  Therapy In Action does a thorough assessment to pinpoint the key components in order to address the issues accurately. 

 The following disorders are commonly seen:

  • Picky eaters/selective eaters
  • Food sensitivity
  • Dysphagia
  • Oral motor problems such as oral dyspraxia, inability to 
          chew, frequent gagging 
  • Inability to transition to solid foods
  • Transition from tube to oral feeding
  • Feeding behaviors that result from gastro-intestinal 
  • Bottle feeding
  • Inability to transition to a cup

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