Welcome To Therapy In Action

Therapy in Action is a nationally recognized premier pediatric occupational and physical therapy facility that has been providing services since it was established in 1978.

Mission Statement:

Therapy in Action is dedicated to providing the highest quality, evidence-based therapy and enrichment services for children/adolescents and their families within an open environment of collaboration, communication, and mutual respect.


At Therapy In Action, we believe that when children, whether typically developing or those with special needs, have difficulty mastering developmental tasks related to motor coordination, self-care/hygiene, behavior, self regulation, play and socialization, it not only impacts their ability to develop skills in these areas, but also affects self esteem, motivation and emotional resiliency.
Building Your Child's Skills and Confidence with Care!

Therapy in Action...not interested in being the Biggest, just the Best!
Our therapists are experts in pediatrics with specialty certifications in sensory integration and feeding and provide services to children with difficulties and diagnoses such as:

  •   Neuro-Muscular and Orthopedic Dysfunction
  •   Autism Spectrum Disorders
  •   Sensory Integrative Dysfunction
  •   Sensory Processing Disorder
  •   Self Regulatory Disorder
  •   Gross Motor/Postural Difficulties
  •   Fine Motor/Handwriting Difficulties
  •   Visual-Motor Difficulties
  •   Attention Deficit Disorder
  •   Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  •   Learning Disabilities
  •   Oral Motor/Feeding Difficulties
  •   Developmental Delays
  •   Genetic Disorders